Professional Counselling


“It is time to take care of you” 



By focusing on your needs and discovering better ways of functioning and experiencing life within a greater community. You are valued, cared for and deserve to feel safe, within a professional therapeutic relationship.


Lyna Ruffell



Lyna Ruffell (PGDipHSc, B.Couns, MNZCCA Counsellor & ACC ISSC Provider)


Lyna is a professionally trained and qualified personal counsellor and clinical leader. With over ten years of experience working in the field of well-being and mental health. Lyna previously worked in a community organisation as the counselling coordinator incorporating, case risk management, internal supervision and one to one person-centred counselling client work. Lyna works holistically focusing on you and your experiences. She is client-focused creating client safety within a therapeutic relationship. She integrates creative ways of working through issues or problems and remains curious to the unknown including openness to identity and diversity within a bicultural and multicultural context. Ongoing assessment, goals (hopes) rationale and the client process are all carefully considered. Client feedback and on ongoing monitoring and evaluation and discussion of opportunities and challenges are also an integral part of her work.